Unlocking the Secrets of Social Media

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By now, business executives are very familiar with social networks. After all, if the number of subscribers who use Facebook would form a nation, it will be the third biggest country, behind India and China. Entrepreneurs would even assume that the power behind social networks is its capacity to amplify the effects of the word of mouth method of marketing.

The truth of the matter is that these executives do not have a clue when it comes to harnessing Social Media Marketing or SMM. Businesses work hard to establish their brand by using Facebook pages or Twitter feeds, but only a handful of them are intimately familiar with the exact methods that social networks utilize to interact with the consumers. They should know this to enlarge their brand and merchandise recognition, engender client loyalty, and drive profitability and sales.

There are two connected reasons for a lot of executives to continue to be confused with social media, especially the people who do not work on marketing. Social media tends to be indefinable by nature. It is a given that users surf the Internet often to talk about brands and products, ask for advice, and provide guidance. The strange thing is that it is usually hard to view how and where to influence these discussions, especially since it can occur on so many platforms, within dispersed and diverse communities, and may happen at any time, or a week or month.

The second reason for the enigma behind social media is that there is no standard gauge to find out of the Social Media Marketing methods have paid off. Because of this, a lot of those firms are having a challenging time trying to justify taking the time and effort (as well as making use of the resources of the firm, be it human or financial) for a business venture that does not have a clear overall effect.